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Ongoing Projects

    OLeap ERM is a business management solution that integrates all facets of a business - Planning, Finance, Materials, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Human Resources etc. The solution boosts productivity, relationship and business perceptiveness for small and medium-sized companies in a cost-effective way.

    Key Features of OLeap ERM

  • Production Management
  • Plant structure, production plans, BOMs, MRP, manufacturing orders, job reports, costs of production, work incidences, preventative maintenance, etc.

  • Project Management
  • This area within OLeap ERP is highly orientated towards companies whose day-to-day business is based on the delivery of projects and services.

  • Financial Management and Accounting
  • Chart of accounts, budgets, taxes, accounts, general accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank accounting, balance sheet, P&L, fixed assets, etc.

  • Sales Management
  • The functionality in this module is expressly designed with the objective of allowing maximum flexibility and adaptability in its execution, needed in any commercial process. Do not sacrifice the coherence and integrity of information!

    BigLeap portal, a student community network, is aimed to provide A-Z assistance and learning resource to the student community. When the portal becomes a realization, students from all walks of life will be able to create, share, use, and donate resources, works, projects etc. This permits one to be connected with others having the same taste. The portal will seamlessly meet upgradation upon emerging demands.

    Key Features of Bigleap Portal

  • Simple Intuitive User Interface
  • SCORM, (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) Compliant
  • Integrated Document Management System
  • Personalized Learning Space
  • Fully Hosted Solution on a Dedicated Server with Daily Backups
    Campus Leap provides top performance, real value and significant cost savings infrastructure services and solution for the education industry. It covers all stages of the IT life cycle from; conception to development, implementation to maintenance and support. We develop solutions throughout an extensive range of environments, delivering a wide range of applications & segments that suits requirement.

    Services Offered

  • Data backup and Restore
  • Migration Services
  • Open Source Consulting and Development
  • Database Administration and Storage Services
  • E-Governance Solutions
  • IT-Asset Management
  • Web Design & Multimedia